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Advocacy Resources

Press Statement

Campaign for California Borrowers' Rights Statement on Governor Newsom’s May 2022 California Budget Revise

See our press statement calling on Governor Newsom to increase funding for student loan borrower outreach and education.


Irvine School of Law Consumer Law Clinic (CLC) Letter In Support of AB 424

See the Clinic's letter to CA Assemblymember Stone, sponsor of AB 424, demonstrating with data the importance of passing the bill.


Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) Letter in Support of AB 424

See LAFLA’s letter to CA Assemblymember Stone, sponsor of AB 424, detailing how the bill would protect low-income borrowers.


Bill: AB 424 Private Student Loan Collections Reform Act— Collection Actions (2021-2022)

See the full text of AB 424, the bill sponsored by CA Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) to end predatory student loan collection.

Fact Sheet

CA Assemblymember Stone's Fact Sheet With Background On AB 424

Learn more about how AB 424 fits into existing law in California and how the bill would protect student loan borrowers in the state.


Coalition Letter Urging Previous CA Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair Gonzalez to Support AB 424

See letter from Campaign for California Borrowers’ Rights and a coalition of justice, labor, and advocacy groups in support of AB 424.

Press Release

CA Assemblymember Stone’s Press Release on Introduction of AB 424

See Asm. Stone's press release announcing his introduction of AB 424, a bill to protect student loan borrowers from unsubstantiated lawsuits.

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