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The California Student Debt Challenge

The California Student Debt Challenge is a state-wide Public Service Announcement campaign that supports California’s government and non-profit employers in providing information to their employees about this opportunity.


From now until October 31, 2022, it is easier to get credit for the PSLF program, so there is no time to waste.

See the employers that have already signed up to take the Challenge!

An estimated 825,000 Californians could benefit from the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program by having their federal student loans cancelled after 10 years of public service work, but fewer than 15,000 have benefited from this program to date! This program represents a free benefit that qualifying employers can provide to their employees. Let’s not leave money on the table!

Read more about the California Student Debt Challenge and how employers can get involved here:

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